Park Landscaping Ltd. offers a premium landscaping service to any size, large or small, to Edmonton and surrounding areas. We have an extensive amount of experience servicing residential customers in and out of Edmonton, catering to their specific needs in an economical and professional standard. 

As our motto states, we believe in defining outdoor spaces. That means we love creative challenges but as a first priority, we listen to your needs and wishes. We take utmost care in regards to functionality and usability of your space as well as setting the house in its surroundings.

Landscaping services that shine from the beginning stages of custom designs to the final construction of the new landscape. When it comes to landscaping, our team of professionals is well experienced, and trusted in transforming yards, business properties, and other outdoor spaces into places of beauty! Choose Park Landscaping as your landscaping company in Edmonton and surrounding cities and we will exceed your expectations and increase your property’s value.


Information Gathering – To make our plan as accurate as possible, it is best if we have access to a recently prepared site survey or Real Property Report. Architect’s drawings of the house are extremely useful, although to-scale sketched layouts are sufficient if formal plans are unavailable. These plans ensure that we have the information we need to integrate the house into the landscape.

Garden Concept Plan – Once we have completed the research stage of the project, we develop the Garden Concept Plan. This plan will show the general layout of the garden and will indicate paving, paths, lawns, shrubs and planting areas, as well as the location of any important features (swimming pool, structures, ornaments, etc.).

Review Meeting – After developing the Garden Concept Plan, we will schedule a meeting for your review. We will present and explain our ideas and how we have put them together. This stage is one of the most exciting, as you see the first concrete expression of your dreams for the garden.

Concept Refinement – We will refine our concept to address any concerns you may have. Often, our clients are satisfied with the plan without any changes; if you are not, it is essential that we make any necessary modifications to the design before the project goes any further.


  1. Conceptual Details – This is where we fine-tune all the detailed elements that make up your garden. We will sketch up our ideas and present them to you. Once we have your approval of our concept, we will proceed with more formal drawings.
  2. Working Drawings – We will develop working drawings – the documents that provide the information needed by the contractors or craftspeople that will build your garden. Depending on the complexity of your garden, these drawings may include:

a. Lighting Plan – location and types of landscape lights, as well as lighting zones

b. Paving Plan – materials and patterns, and their installation specifications

c. Irrigation Plan – supply lines, sprinkler heads, drip irrigation

d. Grading/Surface Drainage Plan – retaining walls, slopes of hard-surface areas, stairs, drains

e. Subsurface Drainage Plan – layout of drainage tile in soft landscape areas

f. Layout Plan – precise measurements of all areas and distances

g. Planting Plan – quantity, variety, size and location of all plants

h. Tree Plan – location, size, type and source for trees – on large projects only

i. Detail Drawings – for custom-made fences, gates, structures, walls, stairs, etc.



We will visit nurseries as needed to find specific plants and to ensure the quality of all selections. For more extensive gardens, we may need to make a relatively broad search to find unique specimens. Also, we will arrange plant sourcing and delivery as well as professional setting out and planting of your plants.


Our involvement in your project does not end once the drawings are finalized. We also spend time on site, giving final adjustments to the plans and directing the installation of larger features. In case you decide to employ Park Landscaping to build our design, project management, and continual progress monitoring is included in your quote.


We stand behind our work. Our gardens will develop, grow and endure over time, revealing successive layers of beauty. We will suggest a maintenance professional who can work with you to take care of the garden. We also encourage you to call us for annual or seasonal reviews so that we can offer fresh input into your garden’s maintenance and development.

List of Services

Landscape Design Services:

We not only construct custom landscapes but also do the complete designing of them. Our design team starts with an on-site or communicated evaluation to adequately design the custom project with 3D modeling. Our clients love that they get to see what their yard/project will look like before actually starting.

Retaining Walls:

We are experienced in building retaining walls for both residential clients and commercial clients. If your project needs a retaining wall, then Park Landscaping is ready and fully capable of exceeding your expectations for your retaining wall project.

Sod and Artificial Turf:

As a complete service landscaping company, we do it all, including sod and turf installation to fit your needs.


Whether it is a tree, shrubs, or other types of plants; Park Landscaping Ltd., will bring them into your design and plant them. We understand the importance of plant life in landscapes and are experts in the industry.

Concrete, Patios, Paving Stones:

Not only do we offer extensive softscapes but we are well known for our professional hardscapes in both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping. Our hardscape services include but are not limited to concrete, patios, paving stones, masonry, water ponds/fountains, outdoor kitchens, and the list goes on. With our experienced team, we can create any hardscape design.


Many landscapes need custom irrigation systems designed, created, and installed to maintain their beauty. We offer complete irrigation systems for the landscapes we create and for existing landscapes. If you need an irrigation system, please don’t hesitate to contact Park Landscaping today!


Key Benefits of the Service

Watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. The experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn. Whether you are looking for a brand new irrigation system to maintain your lawn.

  Extend your home with a beautiful garden
  Your property value increases many times initial value
 Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
  Allround certified and insured landscapers
  Our Landscapers attend annual training seminars

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